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Angry mobs block roads after police shot dead a man in Mogadishu

by Mohamed Jibril
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The streets of Hodan district in Mogadishu erupted in anger on Saturday as residents resisted police attempts to enforce evictions.

Allegations abound that the police operation is an illegal endeavor to grant public land to wealthy business figures connected to high-ranking government officials.

Chaos unfolded between K5 junction and the Sey Biyano area, resulting in the closure of businesses and halting of traffic including the entrance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters.

Furious residents, burning tires, echoed chants proclaiming their refusal to let “corrupt men steal our land,” while also accusing President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of high corruption.

The contested area comprises sections of Wadajir and Hodan districts, housing former government buildings and public lands controlled by private residents for the past three decades.

Despite a police statement in December promising to evict residents and return the land, locals insist that influential individuals associated with the government are attempting to acquire the land for personal use.

In a tragic incident, Turkish-trained police Haramcad reportedly shot and killed a local guard, Dahir Dhagole, in the area.

The confrontation arose when the police instructed Dhagole to turn off a water well providing water to the community. His refusal allegedly prompted the police to shoot him on the spot, sparking outrage among residents.

Relatives refused to bury Dhagole’s body until the responsible policeman is apprehended. The body is currently held at the hospital mortuary.

As tensions escalated, armed clan militia arrived in support of the residents, vowing retaliation against police officials they accused of targeting residents for clan-based reasons.

The situation remains highly charged, with armed clan militia taking control of the neighborhood and roads leading to K5 junction restricted.

Meanwhile, reports from Galkayo town in the Mudug region indicate that armed militia groups are mobilizing in response to the tense situation in Mogadishu.

This development exacerbates the existing security challenges in Galmudug, where increased clan animosities following the assassination of two prominent businessmen last year have already disrupted road travel between Adado and Dhusamareb.

The overall situation is indicative of a region on the brink, grappling with political, social, and security tensions.

Source Kaab Somali TV.

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