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Al-Shabaab brutal assault claims over 190 soldiers, militiamen in central Somalia region

by Mohamed Jibril
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The details of a brutal Al-Shabaab attack on army bases in Caad village, Mudug region, have come to light. Security officials, requesting anonymity, confirm that more than 190 Somali soldiers and allied clan militia lost their lives in the assault, which unfolded on January 24.

The militants, targeting at least four bases belonging to Somali forces and the allied Ma’awisley militia in Caad, managed to overrun the installations, seizing weapons in the process.

The Wednesday’s dawn attack commenced with the storming of the bases, followed by a shooting rampage by Al-Shabaab foot soldiers. Human suicide bombers were reportedly deployed by the militants as a part of their ruthless strategy.

A security officer in Galmudug revealed, “The militants deployed human suicide bombers to the bases before sending their foot soldiers who then carried out a shooting rampage.”

The Ministry of Defense in Somalia refrained from making any comments regarding the incident.

The Al-Shabaab spokesperson claimed that approximately 200 soldiers, including the U.S-trained Danab and the Turkish-trained Gorgor commando forces, were among the casualties.

Military officials are stating that the camps, situated amidst a sandy bush terrain, lacked adequate safeguards against militant assaults. Controlling man-borne suicide bombers and preventing them from breaching the frontline defenses of the bases proved to be a formidable challenge in these circumstances.

Al-Shabaab, however, went further to display photos showcasing dead bodies, military vehicles, weapons, and ammunition they said were seized during the assault.

Local sources in the region disclosed that Al-Shabaab suffered substantial losses in an airstrike conducted following the January 24 attack.

Analysts are now describing this assault as one of the worst in the history of the Somali army’s confrontations with the militant group.

The ongoing war against Al-Shabaab has recently faced setbacks, marked by significant army casualties.

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