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Millions worth military equipment, weapons captured by Somalia terror group

by Mohamed Jibril
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Mogadishu (Hornlife) — Al-Shabaab, the notorious terrorist group operating in Somalia, has released a chilling video showcasing the aftermath of its January 24 brazen raid on Caad village in Mudug region, which saw over 190 soldiers and militiamen killed.

The footage reveals the scale of the raid, with Al-Shabaab displaying millions of dollars’ worth of military equipment and weapons seized during the attack in which the militants overran bases housing Somali army units and their allied militia.

Shockingly, the inventory includes recently donated equipment from the U.S government intended for the Danab forces, a U.S-trained special force engaged in counter-terrorism efforts.

From RPGs, mortars, PKM machine guns, and automatic rifles and machine guns to caches of ammunition and brand-new G3 rifles donated by Turkey, the militants showcased their loot in an open rural area.

Military vehicles, including armored vehicles and trucks, were also prominently displayed.

Among the captured soldiers featured in the video are members of the 1st Brigade of the Gorgor unit, a special commando force trained and equipped by Turkey.

One of the captives revealed that they had completed their training in TurkSom, a Turkish-run military facility in Mogadishu in 2022.

Al-Shabaab claims to maintain control over Caad village and its suburbs in Mudug region, further underscoring the group’s brazen display of strength and raises concerns about the effectiveness of counter-terrorism efforts in the region.

Security officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, provided additional details about the brutal attack. More than 190 Somali soldiers and allied militia lost their lives in the assault on at least four bases belonging to Somali forces and the allied Ma’awisley militia in Caad.

The dawn attack commenced with the storming of the bases, followed by a shooting rampage by Al-Shabaab foot soldiers. Disturbingly, human suicide bombers were reportedly deployed as part of the militants’ ruthless strategy.

A security officer in Galmudug disclosed, “The militants deployed human suicide bombers to the bases before sending their foot soldiers who then carried out a shooting rampage.”

The Ministry of Defense in Somalia has refrained from making any official comments regarding the incident, leaving many questions unanswered. Al-Shabaab’s spokesperson claimed that approximately 200 soldiers, including the U.S-trained Danab and the Turkish-trained Gorgor commando forces, were among the casualties.

Military officials have pointed out that the camps, situated in a sandy bush terrain, lacked adequate safeguards against militant assaults. Controlling human-borne suicide bombers and preventing them from breaching the frontline defenses of the bases proved to be a formidable challenge under these circumstances.

In a broader context, the December 2023 decision by the UN Security Council to lift the decades-old arms embargo on Somalia has allowed the weak and corruption-ridden Somali government to receive weapons assistance in its fight against Al-Qaeda-linked militants.

The recent attack by Al-Shabaab highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the Somali forces and their allies in countering the insurgency, raising urgent questions about the effectiveness of international support.

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