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Somali pirates outfit hijacked ship with anti-aircraft weapons amid rising tensions

by Mohamed Jibril
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Reports from a security source disclosed to Hornlife reveal that Somali pirates have taken further measures to fortify their position aboard the Bangladeshi vessel MV Abdullah, currently under their control off the Somali coast.

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, disclosed that the pirates have introduced anti-aircraft weaponry onto the ship, citing concerns over potential retaliatory actions following a recent raid by Indian navy commando that resulted in the apprehension of 35 pirates and the liberation of another vessel, MV Ruen.

“Following the last week’s raid by the Indian special commando that led the arrest of 35 Somali pirates and the freedom of M.V Ruen ship, the pirates are now wary about a second raid and started bringing anti-aircraft weapons into the ship,” a senior security official said.

In response to the heightened risk of a second raid, the pirates have reportedly downsized the number of armed personnel aboard MV Abdullah while bolstering their presence on the coastal areas.

“They also deployed anti-aircraft weapons onshore, presumably to fend off any aerial assaults,” the security official added.

MV Abdullah, with a crew of 23 individuals onboard, has become a focal point of pirate activity, with efforts focused on deterring foreign intervention.

The pirates’ strategy involves maintaining a strong presence along the coast, utilizing anti-aircraft weaponry as a deterrent against potential attacks.

Furthermore, it has come to light that the pirates have forged alliances with local authorities in coastal villages of Galmudug and Puntland, promising them a share of the ransom.

Reports indicate that the pirates continue to receive provisions such as food, khat, fuel and ammunition through various channels with relative ease.

Some local politicians, tribal commanders and armed groups have been implicated in supporting piracy activities, driven by the prospect of financial gain.

Al-Shabaab, a militant group, is reported to have sanctioned the activities of the pirates, while weapons sourced from Yemeni militia groups have bolstered their military capabilities.

Efforts to obtain official statements from officials in Hobyo and Garacad were unsuccessful.

However, Minister Shakir Mohamed Guled of the Ministry of Maritime Transport and Ports of Puntland State affirmed that they are monitoring the situation closely.

“We have an official mission to intercept the vessel, apprehend the perpetrators, and enforce maritime laws. Our objective is to prevent piracy from taking root along our coastlines,” he said.

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