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A boy killed his younger brother in Baledweyne

by Mohamed Jibril
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Mogadishu (Hornlife) —  In Baladweyne, the capital of the Hiran region, a young man suddenly killed his younger brother in an argument.

The killing occurred in the Howlwadaag area of Baladweyne, and witnesses said it was the result of an argument over the digging of a toilet in the house where these guys lived.

Abdisalan Muse Sahandid used an iron to dig the grave and kill his younger brother, used an iron to dig the ground to kill his younger brother who was named Sharmake Muse Sahandid.

One of the locals told the reporters that Sharmarke’s killing occurred unexpectedly, and that there was an argument between him and his brother, but the child who was about to be killed attacked his brother with an iron as a rebuke, and he died.

“The killing was not intentional, it was caused by reprimand, the warning went away and then he gave a blow to the mouth with a drill bit, and it went inside, that’s how the deceased died,” said a resident of the region.

The family of the two brothers, one of whom was killed and the other who was killed, said their father died recently, and it was pointed out that the mother of these boys had Not yet settled down.

Beledweyne’s security forces are presently investigating the incident and detaining the accused so that he can face justice.

In recent days, the country has seen a series of terrible tragedies.

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